H1 T1S LED conversion kit

55.00 / pair(s)
Delivery weight: 400 g

H1 Led bulbs T1S


With this LED conversion kit you can replace the H1 halogen bulb with a powerful LED bulb. LED bulbs light up immediately at full power, even in the cold, so they do not experience a delay due to the heating of the bulbs like xenon bulbs. Because T1S bulbs have power, they also need cooling - cooling is provided by a fan.


Technical data provided by the manufacturer:

- Power 40 W / bulb

- Light output 4000 Lumen / bulb

- color temperature 6000K

- 8 - 48 V

- CANBUS compatible

- one year warranty!


The total length of the bulb is 82 mm, the length of the base is 34 mm, the maximum width of the base is 39 mm. Total lenght of the connection wire is about 30 cm. 

Installation is easy - the bulb is installed in place of the halogen bulb and the wires are connected. When installing, it is a good idea to take into account the space required by the fan in the base.


Not for road use, as the bulb marked in the headlight assy must be used.

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