Audi A6 Interior LED kit

from 21.00 / set(s)
Delivery weight: 30 g

Audi A6 interior LED kit


Car-specific interior LED kits include customized packages of LED bulbs to transform Audi A6 series filament bulbs into bright and low-power LED bulbs.


Select your car from the menu. If you only want some of the bulbs in the series, you can go directly to the pages of those bulbs from the listing links in the series.


The interior LED kits include the LED bulbs needed for the car's interior, but not the LEDs coming outside the car. The indoor LED kits list and link the bulbs in the kit. If you don't need all the LED bulbs, you can choose the bulbs you want from the links and thus make your own custom LED series.


When installing LED bulbs, it is good to note that LED bulbs are polar. LED bulbs will not work if their poles are in the wrong direction - if the bulb does not work, only the polarity of the bulb will be reversed and the correction will be performed. It is therefore a good idea to test the functionality of the installation before putting all the panels closed.

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